Fanatical Support for AWS
Product Guide


Compass™ is a set of tools that help you understand several dimensions of your AWS account(s). We perform an automated analysis of control plane (e.g. data visible through the AWS APIs) details to provide a thorough look at opportunities to improve the cost, reliability, redundancy, and security of your environment. We also present robust inventory information that provides an at-a-glance view of what resources you are running across all AWS public regions.

For Navigator accounts, our AWS experts are available to provide support and guidance on Compass recommendations. For Aviator accounts, our Fanatical Support for AWS support teams will work with you to proactively execute on Compass recommendations to help reduce AWS spend, improve your security posture, and implement other optimizations.

You can access Compass by clicking the Compass link in the Fanatical Support for AWS Control Panel.


Compass provides views of individual AWS accounts for which you have AWS control plane access. If you have access to all AWS accounts on your Rackspace account you will also be able to view a multi-account view that includes aggregated data about all of your AWS accounts.