Fanatical Support for AWS
Product Guide


When you signup for Fanatical Support for AWS, Rackspace establishes one or more AWS accounts for you and becomes your reseller of AWS services. This means that all billing of both infrastructure and management fees is provided through a consolidated Rackspace bill, and you do not have to maintain a payment relationship with AWS directly. The credit card you provided when signing up for your Rackspace account will be automatically billed for both your AWS infrastructure and management fees, as described below.

Billing Currency

Our default pricing and billing currency is US Dollars (USD). However, when you signup, you can choose to be billed in Australian Dollars (AUD). Customers that choose the AUD billing option should be aware of the following:

  • All pricing (AWS infrastructure and management fees) will remain in USD.
  • The bill will be converted from USD to AUD at monthly billing processing time, using a recent spot exchange rate.
  • Non-USD billing will incur a premium: 1% for customers billed using a credit card, 2% for customers billed via an invoice. This will be added to the spot exchange rate.
  • The exchange rate will be displayed on the invoice.
  • Compass, Waypoint, and Usage Details will show pre-converted costs in USD. The invoice will show costs in AUD.
  • It is not possible to change the billing currency on existing accounts.

Billing Cycles

AWS bills for all infrastructure on a calendar month basis. AWS charges for the previous month’s usage are typically finalized by the 10th day of each month. After the charges are finalized by AWS, both infrastructure and support charges are added to your Rackspace account and will appear on your next Rackspace bill. Each line item will include the month in which the charges were incurred. Your Rackspace bill is created the 15th of each month if you signed up for a Fanatical Support for AWS Account after July 6, 2017. If you signed up prior to July 6, 2017 or are using an account originally created for the Rackspace Public Cloud, you will be billed based on the anniversary date the account was created.

Financial Benefits of your Rackspace account

Your Rackspace account is the top-level container which contains one or more AWS accounts. When aggregating the usage to generate a bill at the Rackspace account level, you receive the following benefits:

  • Favorable Reserved Instance allocation
  • Tiering of usage across all accounts for AWS services which provide tiered pricing (for example, if S3 has a 0-10 TB storage tier and a 10-20 TB storage tier and you have one AWS account which uses 8 TB and another which uses 3 TB your overall usage would be rated as a combined 11 TB)

Monthly Service Fees

Your monthly service fees will be calculated by pooling the AWS infrastructure charges from all of your AWS accounts at the same service level. If the AWS infrastructure charges are greater than $30, a monthly service fee will be assessed and proportionally distributed out to each of your AWS accounts at that service level.

For example, if you have two AWS accounts at the Aviator service level, one with $45,000 in AWS infrastructure charges and the other with $30,000 in AWS infrastructure charges, your monthly service fee would be $25,000 based on your combined AWS infrastructure charge of $75,000.

During your first month with any AWS accounts at a specific service level, we will prorate the monthly service fee for the remainder of the month based on your signup date unless you make any Reserved Instance purchases during that month. If you do make a Reserved Instance purchase, we remove the proration as the service fees paid during your first month will cover our services for the length of the reserved instance reservation. Please note that proration is based on AWS account signup date, and not the date AWS infrastructure charges reach more than $30. For example, if your AWS account has a signup date of March 15th but you do not start using resources in your account until April 5th, you will be charged a full month of service fees for April.


The Usage page in the Fanatical Support for AWS Control Panel will provide you with a mid-month view of your charges and an estimate of your full month’s charges, typically updated a few times per day, along with historical usage from previous months. You can use this information to avoid unexpected AWS infrastructure charges. To access the report, select the Usage link in the primary navigation.

Due to our Account Defaults and associated management tooling, each AWS account that you provision will have approximately $5-10 of monthly infrastructure charges, regardless of whether you provision any additional AWS resources.

Viewing your Invoices

To view your invoices, login to the Fanatical Support for AWS Control Panel and click the Billing link toward the top right of the page.

The primary account holder will receive an email any time a payment is processed, indicating that a new invoice is available for review.


Rackspace will provide detailed views of your AWS billing data by resource tags. Tags must use a key from the following list (case sensitive) in order to be included in these views:

  • BusinessUnit
  • Group
  • Department
  • CostCenter
  • Application
  • Environment
  • Project
  • Owner
  • Service
  • Cluster
  • Role
  • Customer
  • Version
  • Billing1
  • Billing2
  • Billing3
  • Billing4
  • Billing5

We also include the following AWS-generated tags in the detailed views of your AWS billing data:

  • aws:autoscaling:groupName
  • aws:cloudformation:logical-id
  • aws:cloudformation:stack-id
  • aws:cloudformation:stack-name

While you may use tags outside of those listed above to identify your resources for other reasons, they will not be included in the detailed views of your billing data.

Modifying your Payment Method

If you need to update the credit card or ACH (eCheck - United States only) details that you have on file, login to the Fanatical Support for AWS Control Panel and click the Billing link toward the top right of the page. From there, you’ll find a link to update your payment details.