Fanatical Support for AWS
Product Guide

Fanatical Support for AWS Service Blocks

Rackspace knows that our customers have varying needs at different stages of their cloud journey. That’s why we provide a set of support offers that solve for your needs at any stage of your cloud lifecycle. Our services include architecture help, access to experts to solve your problems, security assistance, 24x7 management, cost governance, and other value-added services - all backed by AWS certified engineers and architects.

Our offers allow you to customize your experience with the ability to choose the service options to match your needs. These offers are described below. For additional detail about what is included in each service block, download our Fanatical Support for AWS with Rackspace Service Blocks Service Overview.

Platform Essentials

Platform Essentials is the entry ticket for Rackspace services. All other services are built on top. Platform Essentials includes:

  • AWS Support powered by AWS Certified Rackers and backed by AWS Enterprise Support

  • Named Account Manager for ongoing business needs

  • Unified billing for all your Rackspace platforms and other Managed Public Cloud Accounts

  • Access to the Fanatical Support for AWS Control Panel to manage your AWS accounts, your users, and their permissions

  • Industry leading tooling that provides you better insight into your AWS environment:

    CloudHealth: AWS inventory, best practice checks, cost analytics, and cost optimization

    Waypoint: Rackspace account summary to track spend and critical information regarding your AWS accounts

    Logbook: Aggregation of your control plane logs across all AWS accounts

Platform Essentials customers receive 24x7 guidance support on their AWS accounts. Rackspace will respond to support requests submitted via tickets in the following timeframes:

  • Urgent: Production System Outage / Significant Business Impact [60 Minute Response Time]
  • High: Production System Impaired / Moderate Business Impact [4 Hour Response Time]
  • Normal: Issues and Requests / Minimal Business Impact [12 Hour Response Time]
  • Low: General Information, Questions, and Guidance [24 Hour Response Time]

All requests should be made directly to Rackspace and we will escalate to AWS, if needed.

Architect & Deploy

With the Rackspace Architect & Deploy service block, our experts apply best practices to design and deploy public cloud infrastructure that meets your business needs while minimizing costs, maximizing availability, security and performance, and enabling you to outsource ongoing management activities to Rackspace. The Architect & Deploy offer includes:

  • A Onboarding Manager to coordinate end-to-end activities and project manage your AWS deployment
  • A Solutions Architect to understand your requirements and create a high-level proposal document for your approval
  • A Build Engineer who will build and deploy the environment as per the design document
  • Design Document: A document describing the detailed solution design. This document will be shared, and your approval of the design is required prior to deploying the solution
  • AWS Environment: The deployed solution running in AWS
  • Configuration of Rackspace standard monitoring that is integrated with the Rackspace ticketing system

Discover & Enhance

With the Rackspace Discover & Enhance service block, our experts assess your existing AWS environment in order to identify areas for enhancement. Based on your input, our engineers apply best practices to update your public cloud infrastructure so that you can be confident that it will continue to meet your business needs while minimizing costs and maximizing availability, security and performance.

The Discover & Enhance service block is available for any AWS environment that is already supported by the Rackspace Platform Essentials service block. When you purchase this service block, you also have the option to add on the Manage & Operate service block in order to upgrade to a higher level of ongoing management for your AWS environment.

Manage & Operate

With tooling, automation, monitoring and 24x7 access to certified cloud specialists for day-to-day operational support and management, Manage & Operate allows you and your team to rest easy knowing Rackspace has your back. Manage & Operate includes access to additional tooling like Passport (instance access request control tool), Watchman (turns monitoring alerts to tickets for Rackers to address) and Instance Scheduler (configuration of custom start/stop schedules for EC2 and RDS instances). Your Rackspace technical support professionals will help you resolve issues quickly and effectively any day of the year, any time of the day. Manage & Operate includes:

  • Named Account Manager to coordinate escalations, follow AWS technical issues through to resolution, and help focus on the AWS technical operations of the account
  • Access to 24x7x365 Technical Operations staffed around the clock and around the globe to help when you experience an issue with your AWS infrastructure
  • 24x7x365 management of your environment
  • Operating System management
  • Setup of AWS Infrastructure monitoring using AWS CloudWatch and respond to your monitoring alerts via Rackspace Watchman tool with response time SLAs up to 15 minutes
  • Passport: secured bastion access to your virtual instances
  • Watchman: creation of monitoring alarm tickets for your account
  • Instance Scheduler: configuration of custom start/stop schedules for EC2 and RDS instances

In addition to the response time SLAs of Cloud Foundation, Manage & Operate customers have access to:

  • Emergency: Business-Critical System Outage / Extreme Business Impact [15 Minute Response Time]

Architect & Deploy or Discover & Enhance is a pre-requisite for any customers entering in to Manage & Operate.

Complex Cloud Operations

As a business matures or their cloud spend increases, operating AWS can become more complex. Complex Cloud Operations will help you manage this complexity with Rackspace experts that have worked with other similarly complex cloud deployments. Whether you desire a deeper technical relationship to drive outcomes or need assistance handling your architecture’s complexity, Complex Cloud Operations can assist.

Complex Cloud Operations is offered in four tiers of support:

Bronze: Lead Cloud Engineer shared with 10 customers

Silver: Lead Cloud Engineer shared with 4 customers

Gold: Lead Cloud Engineer shared with 2 customers

Platinum: Dedicated Lead Cloud Engineer

Rackspace will recommend a tier of support (Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum) based on customer complexity and requirements. Quarterly, customers will work with their resources to scope what available capabilities will be delivered based on level of commitment and customer requirements. Potential activities include:

  • ITIL problem management of recurring incidents
  • Architecture diagrams of existing infrastructure
  • Creation/Maintenance of basic post-deployment infrastructure configuration management scripts
  • Review recommendations around Security, Availability, Performance, and AWS Trusted Advisor with remediation plan
  • Implement cost saving recommendations by terminating idle or unused resources, right-sizing resources, updating previous generation resources
  • Participate in Customer Change Advisory Boards and Stand-Ups
  • Training sessions on relevant public cloud topics
  • Well-Architected Reviews on different parts of your deployment
  • In-Depth Roadmap Reviews for Rackspace Offers and Cloud Products
  • Big Data, Serverless, and Container experts

Additional Rackspace Service Blocks

Rackspace offers additional services that can be layered on top of your Fanatical Support for AWS Service Blocks to create a fully managed cloud solution for your business needs.

Managed Security - Proactive Dectection & Response

With Rackspace Managed Security – Proactive Detection and Response, our security experts defend your business against advanced cyber threats with 24x7x365 support from our Security Operations Center (SOC). Proactive Detection and Response includes:

  • 24x7x365 monitoring and detection from security analysts using best-of-breed, curated technology (host-based detection, network detection, and a security analytics platform)
  • Proactive cyber hunting to scan for anomalous activity
  • Real-time response and remediation of threats with preapproved actions
  • Auto-Discovery and agent deployment of new compute instances with real time agent health status and environment coverage map
  • Weekly and monthly reporting to communicate observations, alerts, and action
  • Access to the Rackspace security dashboard that shows top vulnerabilities, hunt missions, events, and environment coverage map

Managed Security - Compliance Assistance

With Compliance Assistance, our Managed Security compliance experts assist customers with defining, managing, and validating selected Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) requirements. Compliance Assistance includes:

  • Configuration Hardening Monitoring
  • Patch Monitoring
  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • User Access Monitoring
  • Monthly and ad hoc compliance reports

Application Managed Services

Your business success is tied to the applications you rely on — from servicing customers, to managing supply chains, to getting new products to market. Application Managed Services from Rackspace helps optimize your application environment, so you can deliver on your service level agreements, free up resources and reduce costs. Services include:

  • Advanced Configuration and Optimization: System engineers will custom-tailor your applications to fit your individual environment, and optimize performance and cost
  • Administration, Monitoring and Maintenance: Application specialists will reduce the burden on your staff by administering, maintaining and continuously monitoring your applications
  • Data Services: Data specialists will apply best practices and automated technology to modernize your database footprint and maximize the utility of your data

Please talk to your Account Manager if you are interested in learning more about Rackspace Service Blocks.