Managed Services for Google Cloud Platform
Product Guide


When you signup for Managed Services for Google Cloud Platform, Rackspace will become your reseller of GCP services. This means that all billing of both infrastructure and management charges is provided through a consolidated Rackspace bill, and you do not have to maintain a payment relationship for those projects with Google directly. The credit card you provided when signing up for your Rackspace account will be automatically billed for both your GCP infrastructure, management charges and on-demand support fees, as described below.

Billing Cycles

Google bills for all infrastructure on a calendar month basis. GCP charges for the previous month’s usage are typically finalized by the 10th day of each month. After the charges are finalized by Google, both infrastructure and management charges are added to your Rackspace account and will appear on your next Rackspace bill. Each line item will include the month in which the charges were incurred. Your Rackspace bill is created the 15th of each month, unless you are using an account originally created for the Rackspace Public Cloud, in which case you will be billed based on the anniversary date the account was created.

Monthly Management Fees

Monthly management fees for each Aviator GCP project will be billed at the rate agreed upon during the project’s onboarding. During your first month of management for each GCP project, your monthly management fee is prorated based on the start date of management.

On-Demand Support Fees

On-Demand support fees for a Runway project ticket are estimated and scoped up front for each ticket by the support team. The fee needs to be agreed to before work begins. Agreed upon fees are included in the upcoming billing cycle.

On-Demand support fee is structured as a cost for the ticket and a cost for the time spent on the ticket. Time is billed in 30 minute increments, rounded up.

Viewing your Invoices

To view your invoices, login to the Managed Services for Google Cloud Platform Control Panel, select the Account dropdown at the top right corner, and select Billing Overview.

The primary account holder will receive an email any time a payment is processed, indicating that a new invoice is available for review.

Modifying your Payment Method

If you need to update the credit card or ACH (eCheck - United States only) details that you have on file, login to the Managed Services for Google Cloud Platform Control Panel, select the Account dropdown at the top right corner, and select Billing Overview. From there, you’ll find a link to update your payment details.

Billing Account Access

All GCP projects under Rackspace management are associated with a single GCP billing account. Each billing account comes with a set of reports to help analyze cost trends as well as tools to help track spend against a budget. When linking your organization with Rackspace, Rackspace automatically grants billing account access to the user who linked the organization. If you would like to request access to your billing reports and budgeting tools for additional user(s), please submit a ticket with the GCP user name of each user who should be granted access.

You can view billing reports by visiting the Billing section of the Google Cloud console.