Fanatical Support for AWS
Product Guide

Getting StartedΒΆ

To get started with Passport, follow these instructions:

  1. Ensure that your AWS account is at the Aviator service level and that you are an Admin on the AWS account.
  • You can view your service level using the AWS Accounts list in the Fanatical Support for AWS Control Panel.
  • If needed, ask your Account Owner to visit the User Management page to provide Admin access to Fanatical Support for AWS on each AWS account for which you need access.
  1. Install the ScaleFT Server Agent on your existing and/or new EC2 instances.
  2. Install the ScaleFT Workstation Tools on your Mac OS X, Linux, or Windows workstation.
  3. Follow the instructions in the Workstation Tools section to enroll your workstation.
  4. Browse to the Passport section of the Fanatical Support for AWS Control Panel and click the Create Access Request button. Complete and submit the form.
  5. Once your bastion instance is provisioned, click the links within the UI to access your servers. They will use a URL handler registered by the Workstation Tools to open a terminal window and execute the sft ssh or sft rdp command which will authenticate you (once per session), download the appropriate certificates in the background, and connect you to your desired EC2 instance.

Once you have completed your work, you can return to your access request in the Passport section of the Fanatical Support for AWS Control Panel and complete it to remove the bastion instance and other setup (such as security groups allowing access). As a reminder, your access request will automatically complete (expire) after 55 minutes unless you extend it via the same UI.