Fanatical Support for AWS
Product Guide

Passport (Legacy)ΒΆ

The Fanatical Support for AWS offering includes access to our Passport™ service at the Aviator service level. This is the same capability that Rackers use to access your environment. Passport manages the provisioning of short-lived, access-limited, fully-audited bastion servers within your AWS account’s VPC that can either be used directly or as a jump host for direct connectivity to other EC2 instances in the same VPC. Passport solves for both network connectivity and authentication into your environment.

Passport’s primary concept is an Access Request. Each access request defines who is accessing your account, which specific EC2 instances they are accessing, which bastion instance is being used, the duration of the access request, and the reason for the access. Access requests default to expiring after 55 minutes (in order to optimize for the hourly billing of the bastion instances), but can be extended up to 11 hours and 55 minutes. A bastion instance will only ever be used by a single user, helping to ensure the integrity of the bastion operating system for each subsequent access request.

As an example, a Racker receiving a CloudWatch monitoring alarm for CPU utilization on your database server might create an access request referencing the alert ticket and granting them access to your active and passive database instances. Once troubleshooting and remediation is complete, the Racker completes the access request, immediately removing the bastion instance and all associated access.

All access request actions, from access request creation through expiration, are logged in Logbook.